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NEW! Rehearsal show in Berlin!

For the price of 249,90€ Treehouse Ticketing added another Tokio Hotel event which is a rehearsal show (the final show before tour kicks of in London) at secret venue in Berlin, on 9.2.2017! Tickets are very limited, if you want them, get them now! Be the first to see the brand new show Dream Machine tour and attend dress rehearsal. You will also receive special Dream Machine goodie bag!

We will be there, and you? :D GET TICKETS HERE

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sreda, 01. februar 2017

Freebie: Dream Machine tour 2017

New tour, new album, new everything is only one month away and we are so excited (and nervous)!
To stay more organized, I made this "Dream Machine calendar" and I figured out, why not share it with other fans? Feel free to use it and make sure to follow fan accounts on twitter for live tour updates! Are you ready?? We can't promise all updates from every concert will be on this site too, but we will do our best and cover most of the cities. ;)

Freebie: Dream Machine tour 2017, March -April

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Upcoming events

03/03/17 Dream Machine
09/03/17 Rehearsal show Berlin
12/03/17 Dream Machine tour London

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