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nedelja, 27. november 2016

sobota, 19. november 2016

BILLY - Not Over You (Trailer)

Short-Film and Single Remix Package
Release Date November 25, 2016
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Directed by Shiro Gutzie

I'm Not OK EP - Available Now

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četrtek, 03. november 2016

Tokio Hotel - VIP upgrades

Available at:

Scream: 60€ + VAT
Room 483: 160€ + VAT
Humanoid : 210€ + VAT
Kings of suburbia: 850€ + VAT
Dream Machine: 2500€ + VAT

VIP update (3.11.) : London&Milan are sold out. Kos upgrades are almost sold out in most cities.
Most upgrades for Russia are still available in Russia.

  • Treehouse Concierge Service
  • exclusive VIP pass
  • preferred entry
  • attend Tokio Hotel’s soundcheck
  • get a group shot with the band 
  • photo will also be posted on bands Twitter account
  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% off
ROOM 483“ UPGRADE (€ 160 plus VAT)
  • Treehouse Concierge Service
  • exclusive VIP pass
  • preferred entry
  • Q&A session pre-show - meet the band before the show and get all your questions answered
  • have a professional photo taken with the band
  • get a limited edition poster signed by each band member
  • „How the show works“ - be part of a guided tour and get to know the insides of the show 
  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% off
  • Treehouse Concierge Service
  • exclusive VIP pass
  • preferred entry
  • Q&A session post-show - meet the band after the show and get all your questions answered
  • take a selfie with the band 
  • have a professional photo taken with the band
  • get a limited edition poster signed by each band member
  • receive a special designed gift item as a surprise
  • be part of Tokio Hotel TV and film the ending card of new episodes together with the band
  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% off
  • Treehouse Concierge Service
  • exclusive VIP pass
  • preferred entry
  • attend Tokio Hotel’s soundcheck
  • get a group shot with the band 
  • photo will also be posted on bands Twitter account
  • get a private stage and backstage tour to have an exclusive look behind the scenes
  • be part of the show and join the band live on stage!
  • meet the Band Backstage in their dressing room and enjoy an acoustic song just for you
  • the band will invite you for a drink after the show
  • Q&A session post-show - meet the band after the show and get all your questions answered
  • take a selfie with the band 
  • have a professional photo taken with the band
  • get a limited edition poster signed by each band member
  • receive a special designed gift item as a surprise
  • be part of Tokio Hotel TV and film the ending card of new episodes together with the band
  • get a special item used during the show (you never know what it is ;))
  • Oh Snap!  The guys will join you on one of your snaps.
  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% o

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nedelja, 02. oktober 2016

Billy book launch party St.Petersburg | 1.10.2016

Q&A's from the last Billy LDBM book launch party in St. Petersburg.

Bill: Thank you all so much for coming out today, did you like the video? So the whole thing is gonna come out soon. It's a little preview, you're the second one to see it, the guys yesterday saw it too, but..alright should we start with the questions? You guys have some questions for me or no? Yes, who wants to be first?

Was there something particularly exciting while filming new videos? Any interesting or difficult moments?
Bill: I took dancing classes and learn choreography specially just for the video. As you saw, I didn't have any backup dancers, I was all alone on front of cameras, it was exciting but also difficult. It was a little scary and intimidating, but you know it had to happen. It was just the right time and the right songs.

Will you have after parties in Russia or Europe on the next tour?
Bill: We're not planning it right now, but there will be after parties for sure.

Bill, you're always so happy and radiant, you're probably with someone, it doesn't matter with who, but tell me, is that person younger or older than you?
Bill: I'm actually single, but I travel, I work, I got out and drink with my friends, this all makes me happy and inspires me.

Do your feelings associated with songs change compared to what you're feeling while writing the songs? (??)
Bill: Of course everything changed, that relationship was complicated, it's experience you can never forget.

Do you think your children will be musicians?
Bill: Pumba won't be a musician. No, but serious I can't imagine myself as a father. I don't know if I want kids or not. But it if happens, I'll support them no matter what they'll choose. Like my mother, she always gave me enough freedom for what I wanted to do and love. If I have kids, I'll do the same.

You're very fashionable and passionate about it. Do you want to have education in this field?
Bill: When I was young, I really wanted to!  I was sketching dresses when I was 7-8 years old. But now I realized,  I can do all that without special education.

Bill, you achieved a lot, as musician, in a band, as a solo artist and in fashion. In your opinion, what's your achievement as a person?
Bill: I'm not that type of person who analyzes each step and tells himself "good job Bill". Sometimes it happens that you do something and congratulate yourself. I'm not like that. For me, it's important to be me and to be proud of who I am, even if it's hard sometimes. It takes guts to be yourself.

How long have you been going to the gym?
Bill: Well, I was in a gym a few years ago...
You are lazy.
Bill: Yes, maybe I am.

Which Russian city do you like the most?
Bill: Moscow and St. Petersburg, that's why we organize m&g's here. But I like Russia in general, we want to do the whole tour again here. I like Ekatarinburg, Perm of course. I just like the mentality and sometimes people are a little rough and I like that too, it's interesting. and it's beautiful, like Sankt Petersburg is so fucking beautiful, it's so much history, cuz L.A doesn't have that much history so I just like cities that have that certain charm.

Would you like to live here?
Bill: Yes! In St. Petersburg.
No, here not!
Bill: Why not?
It's always raining.
Bill: Then I would like to be here for Christmas. I like it when it's cold on Christmas.

What would you like to change in your life?
Bill: Perhaps I would workout more, move here in St. Petersburg and stop drinking and smoking. But I'm happy with the way I am.

How tall are you?
Bill: 1.86 cm ( 6ft 1.22 inches)

Would you like to go back to your popular hairstyle from 2007?
Bill: No,see cuz I like to live life you know, moving forward and try new things. I feel everything has it's time. For that time, I was just who I was and what I wanted to do and now I'm pink and this is what I want to do now. I don't really look back on this stuff, I most likely won't do that again but it was right for that time. You gotta be true for yourself and do what feels right in that moment. You just keep changing. So I don't really look back, maybe I'll bring it back for Halloween.

Did you ever have sex on your first date?
Bill: I had one night stand before, when you just hook up with someone and take that person home. I did that before, but I'm not really into that. I know a lot of people say that but I'm really not into that. Cuz for me it's not for a feeling. So whenever you do that, when you're super drunk and don't want to go home alone, that happens to all of us. But I'm not into that.

In your opinion, what are five factors determining the success of your book?
Bill: Omg that's so hard to say! I don't know, it's something you guys have to tell! People always ask me "why you think your band is so successful?" I feel like the most important thing again is to be yourself and the creativity - do the things you really want to do, because if other people tell you what to do is just something it doesn't work out, specially not for me. If I feel I'm just a cash cow and someone is trying to force something on me and tells me what to do and how to be, I could never do that. You have to love your own work.

thcommunityvk + fan videos
Spanish translation by Alien_mia
English translation by Tokio Hotel Slo, marushaley

sobota, 01. oktober 2016

Billy book launch party Moscow | 30.9.2016

One of the last Billy book launch parties happened in Moscow. Down below you can watch g&a and a special preview of Billy's Not over you music video. Bill also mentioned Tokio Hotel album won't be released this year, but the tour has new material for sure, they are still working on a new album. There will also be more vip packages this year, so there's something for everyone (vip sale starts on 31.10.2016). Gallery

Q&A video from Moscow | video on VK (without blurred faces)

Preview of Not over you music video:

četrtek, 22. september 2016

Tokio Hotel - Nakup vstopnic v Sloveniji

Vstopnice za Milano je v Sloveniji možno kupiti osebno v Hiši vstopnic Tivoli, Celovška 25, Ljubljana. Cena za 1 vstopnico: 53,44€ (vključena provizija na vrednost vstopnice).  Mene sta 2 vstopnici prišli 107€ ;) kot vedno ponujajo aranžma, letos je cena 99,99€ (vstopnica,prevoz,vodenje), in je seveda najcenejša ponudba v Sloveniji  ->
Vstopnice lahko naročite tudi preko interneta na – a pazite, poštnina do Slovenije znaša 40€! (tako, da vse skupaj za eno vstopnico pride 89€). Lahko pa jih kupite na omenjeni strani in jih osebno dvignete v Milanu na dan koncerta.  Enako velja za Rim.
Vstopnice za Tokio Hotel Munich (kot tudi za druge kraje v Nemčiji): najbolje da pokličete in se pozanimate direktno v Eventim, če jih prodajajo tam. Drugje v Sloveniji jih ni možno dobiti. Na spletu jih je možno kupiti na in . Cena za posamezno vstopnico se giba od 61€ do 69€ (lahko izbirate med 2 vrstami vstopnic: razlika med njima je le v dizajnu) poštnina v Slovenijo znaša 25€ (mene je skupaj za  1 vstopnico prišlo 97€).
Ostali kraji : , datum prodaje VIP paketov še ni določen. Preden kupite vip paket, morate obvezno imeti navadno vstopnico, drugače ne bo veljaven tudi če plačate.
Če imate kakšno vprašanje me/nas kontaktirajte tukaj, na twitterju : @marushaley @tokiohotelslo ali na Facebooku.  Nemški fan klub: @tokiohotelGER.
Ciao, se vidimo v Milanu in Minhnu!

sobota, 17. september 2016

Bill Kaulitz Interview with Ticketmaster

You'll tour across the globe with "Dream Machine World tour" in 2017. As you announced it, you seemed kinda nostalgic. How's that?

Bill: That was simply our true feelin. The new album is very special to us, somehow. Almost everything changed and somehow nothing either. We're doing this all for 10 year already, but it means us more than ever before. When you get a couple of years older, you probably get more sentimental? I don't know! However, our dream never changed and it feels like we are living it more than ever. We're more aware of it. We, as a band, feel more free and comfortable with our creativity, environment and with the people we are working together with. But at the same time we're less prepared to compromise than back then, we know exactly what we want. We only do what we want to do. That's also the core of the new album and the tour. Dreams. Our dream...the "Dream Machine", which keeps on spinning and is in regular motion, just as life is.

Are there already some details abut "Dream Machine"? What's behind the exciting title? What can new and old fans expect from the new tour?

Bill: We want to realize our visions with this tour. We want to fulfill our dreams and live them, as well as in my private life and on stage with our art and performance. To have the bravery. Everyone knows that we're already visual. It will be a big show. We want to set up new things on stage. Unseen things with an idea and soul. We have the feeling that we settled down as a band and we want to share it with the people on our tour. A Tokio Hotel concert is always a show. An experience. We're not a singer-songwriter, who jam with their acoustic guitars for 4 hours and look what happens. We want to create memories and we want to reflect our sounds and performance, pictures and visual production. It's the whole entirety. The show will be a trip.

With "Kings of suburbia" you welcomed a californian sound in your music. Will your journey keep going through the states?

Bill: The sound will be definitively tie on the last album. We don't make rock music since a long tim already. The album will ve more experimental, but the sound will remain electro pop. We've found our musical taste in it.

For many people, a dream will come true to see you performing live in Germany again. What does it mean to play in front of a German audience?

Bill: It's very special. Since Tom and me don't live in Germany anymore, we can appreciate it again and love to come back and to be on tour. Above all, Germany inspires us a lot again. We love to come back home. We're German at heart and it's our homeland. That's why the German shows are very specific, exciting and it means so much to us.

Translation by TokioHotalien

četrtek, 08. september 2016

Tokio Hotel - Dream Machine tour dates 2017

Tokio Hotel: "Sharing the first 'Dream Machine' tour dates with you today is a very special moment to us. Something we've been dreaming of for a while now as we are crafting the new show, new songs and artworks, to ring in an all new era with you. We see you guys out there!"

Tickets are now on sale! Find them on

Tour Dates : 12.3.2017- 29.4.2017 Europe&Russia
12/03/17 UK, London | Buy ticket
13/03/17 Belgium, Brussels | Buy
15/03/17 Germany, Hamburg | Buy
16/03/17 Germany, Frankfurt | Buy
19/03/17 Netherlands, Amsterdam | Buy
21/03/17 France, Paris | Buy
22/03/17 France, Lyon | Buy
24/03/17 Germany, Cologne | Buy
25/03/17 Germany, Stuttgart | Buy
27/03/17 Switzerland, Zurich | Buy
28/03/17 Italy, Milan | Buy
29/03/17 Italy, Rome | Buy
31/03/17 Germany, Munich | Buy
01/04/17 Germany, Leipzig | Buy
03/04/17 Czech Republic, Prague
04/04/17 Germany, Berlin
06/04/17 Sweden, Stockholm
07/04/17 Norway, Oslo | Buy
09/04/17 Finland, Helsinki
10/04/17 Latvia, Riga
12/04/17 Poland, Warsaw
19/04/17 Russia, Novosibirsk
21/04/17 Russia, Ekaterinburg
22/04/17 Russia, Ufa
23/04/17 Russia, Kazan
25/04/17 Russia, St.Petersburg
26/04/17 Russia, Moscow
28/04/17 Russia, Voronezh
29/04/17 Russia, Krasnodar

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Upcoming events

Dream Machine World tour 2017

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