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Book launch party | Mexico City, 10.7.2016

Date: 10.7.&11.7.2016
Location: Mexico City
Event: Billy book launch party
            Signing session


Q&A (text only)

Bill: "Hi guys! Jesus, you guys having fun? Is everyone a little drunk? I hope you are. Alright, so I would say we start with a little q&a before we all take some photos and sing some books, say hi to everyone, who wants to be first?"

"I don't want to give away too much, but it's gonna be very different from everything I ever done so far. There's gonna be another thing I'm working on for the next single. You guys will probably hear about it soon. I know you guys jate soon. I know. But it's gonna happen once I'm back in LA."

"What do you like about Mexico the most?"
Bill:"To be honest, I just love the vibe Whenever we come, it's like so much love, everyone is so welcoming. There are many parks, so many dogs, I want to bring Pumba, he's at home, he's very sad right now. But Tom wanted to come, he wanted to come but he's in the studio. There's so much going on right now, we have so much work, we kinda split it up a little bit, so Tom is in the studio, he's working on new Tokio Hotel songs!"

"You soulmate could be in fucking Sweden and you're in Mexico right now, you know. Even to just meet that one special person you want to spend the rest of your life with it...I feel like you have to be very lucky. There are different kinds of love and there are different people you meet on the way. But to be that lucky - to have someone for the rest of your life with you, you just have to have a lot of luck. I just hope that happens to all of you. I don't know, good luck with that. It's rough. It's really rough but it can happen. It can happen, we should all believe that.

Pam:"What was your best advice Tom gave to you during this difficult time?
Bill:" He's not really giving advices, cause he has fucked up relationships too. I think it's more about being there for me. He always has my back no matter what, even if I made the most stupid decision in the world. I did it a couple of times, but he's always there, he's so supportive, no matter what I do or who I bring home..
Shiro:"He just wants you to get over it"
Bill: *smiles* Yeah, he wants me to get over it, exactly, he's just always there, we're like one person, can't even imagine life without each other...Ja, no matter what I do, he always supports me, even tho he thinks I'm very stupid when it comes to love."

Fan: "How are you feeling right now? Is there something you would like to change about your life right now?"
Bill: "I'm happy right now, I feel like I'm in a very good place. I can enjoy the music and everything with the band and for me as a solo artist. I can enjoy it more like ever before. Even with the band, we're like in this place, where we are just very calm, we don't have to prove anything anymore and we got out of a lot of deals what we were stuck in for years. It's kinda fresh. Everything is new, exciting, we can finally only do the things we want to do and we don't have to compromise anymore with the people, record companies and stuff like that. For us, it's really about enjoying life, enjoying the fans, enjoying everything we do with the music and just only do the stuff we wanna do. I just try to enjoy life as much as a can and make music and only do the things I love."

Fan: "What would you tell to old you?"
Bill: "I would probably tell myself : "Stay true to yourself." Cause I feel like I lost myself in that relationship cause I was giving, giving and giving and I was compromising myself, sacrificing myself - the things I stand for, the things I believe in. I was just living for that one person. I was trying to make everything great and possible but I wasn't myself anymore. Now that I look back, I'm like: "Who was that person?" I don't know, like I had other standards and others things I believe&trust.So why I was doing that? I was changing myself so much  only like, to fit in somehow. I was sacrifising  my career, I was just trying to stay away from the music for a little bit and I wasn't creative anymore. I feel like I turned into different person and it took me a while to find my way back to myself, to be confident again, to trust myself, my instinct again. Now when I look back I'm like "What the fuck

Fan: "What do you think about life- living, here in Mexico?"
Bill: "Living?? I can totally imagine myself living here. I was walking around I saw all these cute little buildings and what I hate about L.A...I mean LA is great but what I don't like about it, is that it has no history. All buildings are new and all the same, you kinda get tired a little bit. I feel like here is so much history, all these old, beautiful buildings, they tell so many stories. I would totally spend my more time here, so maybe I'll go back to Tom and say "Pack your bags and move to Mexico city?" I want to live everywhere for a little bit . I keep telling that people too, I feel like it makes total sense to just step out of your usual environment and just see other things and travel everywhere. I want to live in Thailand for a while, India, Italy ... everywhere. I like to explore. Life is an adventure, we should take advantage of it. Tom and me, we're lucky that we can work from anywhere, we can make music anywhere soo, we're just trying to be free. Freedom for me is the most important thing in life. I can just take off any day and go wherever I want, but Mexico City is definetly a good candidate.

Fan asked about advice for broken hearts
Bill: "Just put yourself out there. It's a process. I think the most important is to share it with people, it helped me so much. I was talking to my friends and family. I know it's different with other people,like Tom. When Tom is heartbroken or has a problem, he never shares it with anyone. He's just very quiet about it and I'm the only person he probably talks to, but I can read his so well...I know what is wrong but he would never say it so... for me, it helps to talk about it, just to get it out there, sing about it, talk to friend&family and have their support.
And then after you've been sad for a while, you should go out, put yourself out there, meet new people, have sex with other people, cause it builds up your confidence back. Sometimes, when you're heartbroken - that person takes a lot of you, your energy, confidence and even if new person is not that true, big love again..just to be with someone who appreciates you and likes you. Just to be surrounded with that, try to be with people that love you.

Fan: "Can you please sing something for us?"
Bill: " You guys know me, when I sing for you I want to make it proper, but I promise you, cause I wanna perform the songs, I kinda want to put something together, even if it's just a short, like five songs, but I want to put something together, perform for you guys. So you can properly enjoy the music. I wanna say that, when you tell me how the songs help you and all that stuff, that means the world to me! *fans start screaming "sing,sing,sing"* Nahh, it's not gonna happen, it's not gonna happen! Thank you guys so much, we're gonna take photos now, you wanna take photos? And then I'll sign your books and spent some time with you guys."

He also mentioned:
Bills current favorite song from his ep is Not over you.
He would love to film live dvd in Mexico city because he loves the energy there.
He's way more nervous about his solo stuff, he feels more vulnerable.
He received a bunch of compliments and his response was always a smile and a "thank you."
In spite of solo projects and all, the band is still very much together.
He could do a tour with another artist.
Bill is thinking about what he wants to do for the next single.
Fan apologized for her English and he said: "that's fine, mine sucks as well."

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