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Feel it all | censored version

"This video is basically a dream project for Bill, dedicated to his favorite movie "Kids". Bill: "I was always fascinated by "Kids", same as "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" and “The Basketball Diaries”. These were my kind of movies when I was super young. Every time when I was watching these movies I saw myself there, because I grew up in a small village with these kinds of people. When I was 13, we always had older friends and we were all just trying to get away from where we lived. We wanted to be free. That rebellious kid inside of me was always there and I understood those people. We had amazing videos, but this time we wanted to make something different!" Bill: "I said, let's just make a video about that topic, maybe about me getting lost. For me "Feel It All" is really about feeling every aspect of life. Life has downsides and darkness, light and dreams, hate and freedom and that rebellious side. I wanted to show all of that and I always wanted to play a role of a lost soul."  {from: Tokio Hotel Facebook} 

Watch what happened behind the scenes!!

More about FIA video (from FIA q&a): They shot for 2 days. They choose Berlin because they like the rawness of the city, the realness and roughness was perfect for the video. Uncensored version will be released on but it's the same thing, just without any blur. The hardest scene to shoot was the crying part. Bill was not sure if he can pull it right away in front of the camera, it was the first time he really needed to act (we can all agree he did great right?) Bill was also very nervous before the shooting and he didn't take any acting classes. The G's favorite part of the video was getting free drinks at the bar. They all loved working with Mattias (producer), they couldn't wish for a better director for this video. Bill also mentioned he loves Requiem for a dream movie. 

The band said they will announce new dates for Part 2 of the tour "SOON" and they also really, really loved first part!
It was the best tour ever. We had so much fun. I think we enjoyed this tour more than any other tour before. We can't wait for part 2" - Bill

So aliens what do you think about the FIA video?

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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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