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#TokioHotelTV ep.15 | The Kaulitz plan

Check out new episode to find out what the Kaulitz plan is all about HERE!

>Tokio Hotel in 2015 and future plans:
Prepare for exciting news! Tokio Hotel is writing new music, preparing for Feel it all world tour and also writing a book! Yes, that's right! The Kaulitz twins already started writing a book AND working on something new - Bill's solo project, which should be out this summer 2015, but they're not promising anything and don't worry, Tokio Hotel is not splitting up haha. They worked with new people, their new music will be "upgraded" version of Kings of suburbia and one of the biggest inspiration for it is Coachella. Like they said in the past, they will tour all year! Part 1 just ended, the US tour starts in summer and then they'll go right to Latin America (around 8 shows) - Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and, of course, there will be more dates (which are not confirmed yet). 

Of course with this band, you never know..but we're super happy for the future! There's never enough of new Tokio Hotel music!

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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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