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TH for Balcony TV (03.07.2015)

TOKIO HOTEL performs the song "LOVE WHO LOVES YOU BACK" for BalconyTV. WATCH HERE!

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Tokio Hotel have sold 7 million records worldwide, performed for 500.000 people at the Eiffel Tower and gone platinum in 68 countries. They are television stars and tabloid favorites, celebrities of the highest order, a band so big their every move is accompanied by a mobile army of photographers.
But they traded it all for total anonymity in L.A., where founding members Bill and Tom Kaulitz were anything but the biggest show in town.
"When we first moved to America, I couldn’t even hear the name Tokio Hotel. I was so over it,'" Bill says. "We needed to figure out what we wanted to do, step away from the music and the career to clear our heads and start fresh."
The end result is their new album, Kings of Suburbia, a relentless collection of songs that burn bright and never fade away. Influenced by a year of intense reinvention – and endless escapades in L.A.'s club scene – it captures the full spectrum of wild nights and bleary-eyed mornings, an album recorded without care or compromise.
Kings of Suburbia is Tokio Hotel's most defiant declaration to date. They worked with an eclectic group of producers and were influenced by top DJs they'd see at L.A.'s hottest clubs. But for the first time in their career, the Kaulitz brothers handled the majority of the studio work, with Tom stepping to the forefront, expanding his sonic repertoire to include not just the guitar, but piano, drums and synthesizer.
And yes, Tokio Hotel are aware that conventional wisdom holds in this business, you can't go away for five months, let alone five years. But they're going to put that theory to the test. They've already conquered the world once, and with Kings of Suburbia, they're ready to do it again … on their terms.


Producer / Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet 

Co-Producer / Talent Booker: Leah Hobbs 
Recorded by: James Schumacher 
Mixed by: Jeff Bates 
Camera: Triffin Constantine

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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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