petek, 13. november 2015

Goodbye FIA tour 2015

Tokio Hotel: "Thank you so much for an unforgettable tour. We'll never forget this year, all the people we met, all the fun we had and all these crazy adventures. Thank you all for making it so unique and special. We love you. Off to the next chapter!"

Bill: This tour is forever gonna be in my heart! I'll never forget! Thanks to everyone who made this adventure so unforgettable. Thank you for sharing the music with us! I felt it all!!!!

From the first intro in London to the last goodbye in Moscow, thank you for this incredible year!
For giving it all for us, to feel it all. Thank you to the crew, Erik, Chance, Treehouse ticketing, Adventures in wonderland and all other people who made this possible. Words can't really describe how grateful we are for this tour! Memories will stay in our hearts forever and we are moving to next chapter(s) with you guys. Let the "soon" be short. "Goodbye motherfuckers", goodbye Feel it all world tour, it was a blast! 

We love you!

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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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