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Listening session + Billy exhibition | Berlin 4.5.2016

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Second listening session / book launch / Billy exibition was in Berlin in Seven star Gallery. Bill's entire family was there. Georg, Mc Fitti, Lena were also there, however Gustav didn't attend the event. A bunch of new interviews coming soon.

Bill said, that Tom shaved his beard accidentally and we shouldn't tell it to Tom, but he likes him better without.
He said they frequently support local shelters financially&also foster dogs&Pumba always loves everyone.
He will design dog merch, also for big dogs.
The woman in ldbm video plays both, himself and his other side.
He would rob a bank, not cause he wants to be a criminal, but because of the adrenaline, if there were no laws and everything was possible.
They're planning a Tokio Hotel tour but he didn't want to tell where they'll play,
He was very sad because Pumba is not with him and he had to give him to a dog sitter.He loves Pumba but it would be too stressful for him to be in Berlin.
He said that everyone copes with breakups different and that he copes it by music and writing.
If he searched a mistake from him after a break up? He answered with "No, I gave everything I could give."
Someone asked if he can interpret his top "blow me" and he answered with "the way it says there"
Bill said home was/is never a place for him.
If Bill could re-live one day, he said it would be the day he got Pumba. He was so small, he fits in his hands.
But he doesn't look back, he's trying to look forward to things.

Thanks for all the fans who shared their experience!


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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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