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Private listening session, Paris | 6.+7.5.2016

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Third Billy private listening session happened in Paris at VIP Room Paris. No exhibition this time. Billy had book signing session the next day. 

In the beginning he said "i hope you didnt hear the songs yet" and when we said no he said "yeah right. After playing the EP he said "I saw some of you singing the words so you did listen already.
He said he will do special things for every song on the EP, the next will maybe be fashion line .
Bill felt like a stripper at his stage. It turned.
Bill said he felt like a dick for sitting on the small stage, then it started turning and he's like "oh no now its turning".
One ask if he would like to make his own Parfum - he said that he never thought about it but anyway he love to smell good so maybe later.
One asked if he would like to open his own nightclub - he said "YES I REALLY WANNA DO THAT!" And that there it should be with a pool and a tattoo store so that people can get drunk and can get a fast tattoo then.
Twins book is not finished yet. Bill needs to push Tom to write. Maybe in the end of the year they'll finish it.Or the next. Soon.
He was asked if he will sing in german again, and he said on the next album there will be a german word in a song
I ask bill about the song forbidden love - first he told something about religion - then he meant that in the 21 century no love should be forbidden...and he said that he doesn't know how other people will react. (Not sure about the right words bc he said a lot).
It says "I enjoyed every sandwich" on the back of Bill's shirt.
No making of for the video!
LDBM was the first song to be released because it was the first song he recorded.
He likes being without the rest of the band because it's allllll about him ahah :) but he added that he always speak for them so it wasn't really different to meet us without them but he was the only one nervous so that was the difference.
He said that Tom didn't understand why he was so nervous the day before LA bc he doesn't perform

Thanks everyone for sharing their experience!

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