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Private listening session, Milan | 9.5.2016

The last Billy listening session was in Milan, Italy, 9.5.2016.  Billy had a book signing session at 5pm in the beautiful 10 Corso Como , about 250 fans (don't know the exact number) showed up. Only 150 books were available but Billy wanted to give autographs and selfies to as many fans as possible (I'm telling you, he's the sweetest) so he was about an hour late for listening session.

1st question: How can he forgive those who hurt him? He said when friends hurt him he forgives easy, because "Anger makes you look ugly." The he said forgiving the person who caused the heartbreak has been much harder and he is still working on it
Gustav's baby is coming any day. Bill said he's excited about it, but that in general he can't stand being around kids more than one day.
Bill' favorite part of LDBM is the 1st line because it sets the tone of the whole song.
The whole EP is sooo personal, every line, every word. It's a diary of his relationship
He said that this week was so fun but very, very exhausting for him.
Bill's favorite picture in the book is the one where the girl smokes. It wasn't supposed to be in the book. It was taken during a break but he liked it so much.
He also loves a picture when he and the girl almost kiss. It was taken when they first met, before the shoot. Davis Factor said "Get closer, get closer" and then he took the photo.
Bill said the girl was so good and so into the shoot because she had just been thru a similar heartbreak just weeks ago.
LDBM was first recorded, Tom did in in the studie, he felt it was so different from TH. He can't have 5 song about HIS heartbreak on a TH CD. He's way more into pop music than the rest of the band members, so these songs fit him better than TH
He loves Robyn. He's currently super into Rationale and that we should look him up. He's been listening to him all day.
He writes all his lyrics on his phone (on the note pad or recording his voice). He hopes nobody will ever get hold of his phone. Sometimes he has a melody but no lyrics. Then he just sings the melody with mumbo-jumbo made up sounds. He calls it swedish (lol).
He believe some people have premonition dreams but he doesn't. He dreams a lot EVERY night and he has A LOT of nightmares. He has long periods where he only dreams nightmares and then he hope it's not truth dreams because that "would suck so much".
Someone asked what advice Bill has about how to deal a heartbreak. Bill Became speechless and was quiet for a long time and then he said he's still trying to heal - only time will help. Talking to friends, family, gossiping, trash talking, being angry, getting drunk and smoke, watch sad movies, write..nothing helps, only time will.
A fan asked if he still believes in the magic of love, he sipped his and and jokingly said "no".
He believes that aliens live at the bottom of the ocean.
You have to be lucky enough to find your soulmate. He wished for all fans there that luck and they wish it back. After fans wished him luck in love back he said "Thank you, it's so cute how you guys care about me."
Fans were cheering Bill on to sing along, Shiro put the mic near hit mouth and he was like "no,no,no" and told the fans to sing.Bill arrive late to the private session because he wanted to take selfies with as many fans at the signing session
Bill looked quite tired but the still spoke to fans, smiled in selfies and hugged fans!
He covered a Georg Michael song, but wouldn't tell which one. He says it's nearly finished and might release it.
He said his soulmate could be anywhere.. in India, in the restaurant in front of the venue,.."fucking anywhere".Fan asked how long does she have to take off work for the next tour and he said the tour will be longer than 3 weeks.
A fan congratulated Bill on his EP, said his sound is great, he should carry one, he joked and said "carry on solo, no tokio hotel" which all the fans shouted "NOOOOO" and he laughed and said "I'm only joking.
He said he can never to justice for Bowie or Prince songs (by recording a cover). Whatever he would do, nothing can be better or equally good.
After listening session, Bill came back and answered a handful more Q's. He pointed out " I want really good question" And when he pointed at fans who raised their hand, to select them for a Q, he asked every fan "It is a good question? Do you have a good question?" A guy asked a question + he asked 2 follow ups. Couldn't hear it. On the second follow up Bill started laughing "ok, you are way more drunk than I am.
A guy asked Bill how come they made cassette of Devilish demo for KOS. Bill described how they dug up the old demo and listened to it in his kitchen and were crying. "We laughed so much when we heard it".
Bill: The Devilish songs are sooo bad but cute at the same time. We were crying with laughter.
He talked about how many different kinds of love there are, not just romantic "I love my dog so much."
Bill was tired now that events are over and that it was a crazy week. Now it's time to rest and move on with other things.

Special thanks to tokiohotelusa and flawlessalien and other fans for sharing their experience.
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