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Bill Kaulitz Interview with Ticketmaster

You'll tour across the globe with "Dream Machine World tour" in 2017. As you announced it, you seemed kinda nostalgic. How's that?

Bill: That was simply our true feelin. The new album is very special to us, somehow. Almost everything changed and somehow nothing either. We're doing this all for 10 year already, but it means us more than ever before. When you get a couple of years older, you probably get more sentimental? I don't know! However, our dream never changed and it feels like we are living it more than ever. We're more aware of it. We, as a band, feel more free and comfortable with our creativity, environment and with the people we are working together with. But at the same time we're less prepared to compromise than back then, we know exactly what we want. We only do what we want to do. That's also the core of the new album and the tour. Dreams. Our dream...the "Dream Machine", which keeps on spinning and is in regular motion, just as life is.

Are there already some details abut "Dream Machine"? What's behind the exciting title? What can new and old fans expect from the new tour?

Bill: We want to realize our visions with this tour. We want to fulfill our dreams and live them, as well as in my private life and on stage with our art and performance. To have the bravery. Everyone knows that we're already visual. It will be a big show. We want to set up new things on stage. Unseen things with an idea and soul. We have the feeling that we settled down as a band and we want to share it with the people on our tour. A Tokio Hotel concert is always a show. An experience. We're not a singer-songwriter, who jam with their acoustic guitars for 4 hours and look what happens. We want to create memories and we want to reflect our sounds and performance, pictures and visual production. It's the whole entirety. The show will be a trip.

With "Kings of suburbia" you welcomed a californian sound in your music. Will your journey keep going through the states?

Bill: The sound will be definitively tie on the last album. We don't make rock music since a long tim already. The album will ve more experimental, but the sound will remain electro pop. We've found our musical taste in it.

For many people, a dream will come true to see you performing live in Germany again. What does it mean to play in front of a German audience?

Bill: It's very special. Since Tom and me don't live in Germany anymore, we can appreciate it again and love to come back and to be on tour. Above all, Germany inspires us a lot again. We love to come back home. We're German at heart and it's our homeland. That's why the German shows are very specific, exciting and it means so much to us.

Translation by TokioHotalien

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Welcome to official Tokio Hotel fanclub Slovenia!

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